I loved Google’s simple music making for everyone

I loved Google's simple music making for everyone

I was on google blog. I came across Google simple music making for everyone.

I would suggest it to every parent,teacher or any person to give it a try.

You will love it.

I just randomly tried it and I loved it . Listen to it  here by pressing the blue play button:

How to get there:

1) Go to : https://www.blog.google/

2) On the page you will see stories.

3) See a story with headline ” Simple music making for everyone.”Click on that headline.

4) You will come to this page :https://blog.google/topics/education/simple-music-making-everyone/

5) The in the first paragraph you will see  Chrome Music Lab.

6) There you will see 13 music experiments:

  1. Song Maker:
  2. Rhythm :
  3. Spectrogram :
  4. CHORDS :
  11. PIANO ROLL :
  13. STRINGS :

Even you will love it.

Thank you Google.

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Recommended Host
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How can parents help kids write exams stress-free

Parents can help kids write exams stress free.

Here’s the best message I got on my whatsapp sent by my friend from somewhere. I thought it will be helpful for every parent,so I am sharing.

Dear Parents,

Congratulations !

Your child is appearing for his boards …

Its indeed a proud moment that your child has excelled beautifully in his journey till STD 10th.

But dear parents, now that they are starting with their exams, next 20 days is going to be crucial from them as well as you too.
Lot of mood swings, sadness, enthusiasm, relaxed behavior, rudeness etc can be expected from the children.
And it’s ok since lot of unnecessary stress has been built up by our education system, when it comes to Board Exams.

Let’s support our children. ..

How you can do that?🤔

Some simple tips which can be implemented from your end, to help your child cope up with the stress.

1.Please wake them up in the morning with a positive stroke, a touch/ hug which a child expects from his parents.

2.Start your child’s day with a positive statement – I love you,come let’s start this beautiful day together etc

3.Take care about the communication you have with your child, before s/he leaves for his exams. I am sure you will excel, I am sure you will give your best, all luck to you, I will be waiting for you to come back sweetheart….etc

4.Do not let your anxiety pass on to your child. Whatever the situation is, last moment positive support from your end will give a boost to your child’s confidence

5.When the child comes back, please avoid asking only how was the exam, instead ask….how was the experience….
Let’s unwind for the day, let’s go out for sometime / let’s have a cup of coffee together etc

Avoid talking about the subject.

Gone is gone…you can’t alter that but atleast you can support the child for the coming one.

6.Please ensure that a very happy and healthy atmosphere is given to the child in the house during his exams.

Avoid unnecessary arguments within the family, differences can be solved later;
Don’t forget- that will affect your child and that will add to his stress

7..Please play soft instrumental music while the child is having his breakfast or relaxing with you

8.Avoid giving marks target to the child.He is sensible enough to understand his targets

9.Keep fresh flowers in the house, that brings lots of positivity in the house

10.Avoid nagging for any reasons.

11.With a positive stroke, make the child sleep,your two minutes will give him sound sleep for some hours, that will help the child to combat with the situation

12.Avoid advice pls, give the child his space.

13.Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his expectations..It’s ok…

Lots of love to your child and
Yes – you please be calm, be patient and all luck to you too , my dear parents.

Watsupmom Note:  All the best parents and children whose exams are going on or are going to start. Dear children you are the diamonds to your parents,so even if doesn’t look shiny its a diamond.

Points to Remember children :

1) No one is a born scholar and no one is perfect.

2) Practice makes man perfect,so do a lot of practice and leave the rest to God.

3) Drink enough water and have a good night sleep.

4) Don’t take tension just do your best.

Do suggest  your suggestions so that other parents and children will be benefited from it.

“All the best for exams to parents and children of any standard” –  Watsupmom

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The Best Day of the Year [EBA® Doors Open Today!]

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Best Day of the year Elite Blog Academy

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