Blogging Made Simple

I love blogging, but I’ll be honest —it can be amazing !

I used to feel I can’t blog as I don’t know the technical side of it.I am not a software engineer.I don’t know coding so i thought I wont be able to start my blog.

blogging made simple

Do you ever feel the same way?  Maybe you’ve even wished there was someone out there who could just show you, step-by-step, exactly what you needed to do to create a successful blog.

I am SO glad I did!

Since starting Elite Blog Academy®, I have

I learned I should not compare my BEGINNING to some else’s middle.I learned to  schedule blog posts.Learned that I should be consistent in my writing.

And you know what?  None of this was by accident.

Since 2014, Elite Blog Academy® has been field-tested by bloggers just like me. The program is designed to get results, and it does.

In fact, it even comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, which means you’ve literally got nothing to lose.

But don’t wait!

Enrollment for Elite Blog Academy® only opens ONCE a year, for five days only. If you want in, you’ll have to act fast!

This year, the doors officially open on March 5th, but EBA® founder Ruth Soukup is offering a free training series the week before hand called Blogging Made Simple that I highly recommend!

You can get registered for this free training HERE.

Ultimate Amazon devices and services for busy moms

I know you are a very busy mom.You have shortage of time.I would like to recommend to you amazon if you don’t use it.Do you like amazon devices and services? Did you know about these amazon devices and services ?If not then do give it a try.

As life is very  very busy for moms now a days.Your morning as a busy mom starts by preparing breakfast and tiffin/lunch boxes for your kids/husband/yourself and then the day ends very hectic.Even I was a busy working mom that time these facilities were not there now I being a busy stay at home mom make use of these devices and services and they help me a lot in my day to day life.I thankful to  amazon for making my life easier as a busy mom.

You are too busy everyday so, how about saving your time and money by these amazon devices and services?If you like it do try and save your money and time.


Amazon pay

Amazon Prime

Amazon Pantry

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Echo

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Unlimited

You love reading books,but don’t have time to go to library .Then don’t worry library will come with you wherever you go. With  amazon kindle unlimited you can read as much as you want and can read on any device.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 


Did you like the product ?Do feel free to tell me I missed something?I would like to know your amazon favorites,please suggest in the comments below. 


Hurry Up!!!Amazing products at amazing prices at Amazon

Hey friends ,

Do you love amazing products at amazing discounted prices.Here on Amazon Great Indian sale! I would like to suggest you few of the products for yourself,your family,your house and your office.

Are you a Amazon prime member?If not then do give it a try.

Here we go :

Products for yourself:






For your family

49 Must Read Books For Busy Moms in 2018

Do you like reading? Is book reading in your Goals List of 2018?

If not then I would suggest you to make book reading a Goal for 2018,as reading booking our knowledge increases .We learn something new or we can get solutions to the problems.

*This post contains affiliate links.Please see my disclosure policy.

“There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway”

Here I would like to recommend some books for you some of which I have in my collection and some I would like to have.Some of you might be knowing about these some books and some of you might be having also these books.All books here are in Kindle or Paperback or Hardcover format.


Here is a lists of some books(Inspirational,Fitness,Cooking,Crafts,Hobbies,Money related books) for Busy Moms:


1)  Chicken Soup for the Soul for New Moms

2) Chicken Soup For The Soul :On Being a Parent

3) Time Management For Busy Moms

4) Eat That Frog

5) The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

6) Living Well Spending Less

7) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

8) Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

9) Word Power Made Easy

10) Rich Dad Poor Dad

11) How to Win And Influence People

12) Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight

13) Indian Super Foods

14) Don’t Lose Out Work Out

15) The Power of Positive Thinking

16) The Magic Of Thinking Big

17) How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

18) How To Meal Plan – A Step By Step Guide For Busy Moms

19) How To Get From Where You Are From Where You Want To Be

20) The Success Principles

21) Born To Win

22) Raising Positive Kids In A Negative World

23) Staying UP, UP, UP In A Down, Down World

24) Tough Times Never Last , But Tough People Do

25) Believe In The God Who Believes In You

26) Tough Minded Faith

27) Success is Never Ending Failure Is Never Final

28) Chicken Soup or The Soul – Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide

29) Chicken Soup For The Soul – Think Positive

30) Dump Up Your Hang-Ups 

31) Chicken Soup For The Soup – Tough Times ,Tough People

32) Chicken Soup For The Soul -Miracles Happen

33) Chicken Soup For The Soul – Answered Prayers

34) Chicken Soup For The Mother’s Soul

35) Chicken Soup For The Soul- From Lemons To Lemonade

36) Home Cooking

37) Healthy Diabetic Cooking

 38) Indian Cooking

39) Eat.Delete

40) The Beauty Diet

41) How to Talk So Kids will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

42) Know Your Child

43) The Ayurvedic Diet

44) Baby & Toddler CookBook

45) Embroidery Stitches Step By Step

46) Unstuffed

47) Money Making Mom

48) GoodBye To Survival Mode

49)  A-Z Of Sewing

If you like these books feel free to let me know and even if you didn’t like it you are welcome to let me know what you didn’t like ,so that I can improve.

I would be happy to hear your favourite books list and read.

*Note : If you want to read Kindle books you need to have either Kindle app or you can purchase Amazon kindle and read on it the kindle books.I am amazon affiliate I am not an affiliate to any author.

Please feel free to mention about your books list in the comment section below.



An easy solution for your Meal Planning in 2018.

When it comes to getting meals on the table, are you tired of:

  1. Scrambling to make something decent out of what’s in your fridge
  2. Resorting to compromise or convenience foods because you’re short on time
  3. Battling weight gain and feeling discouraged that the family isn’t eating better
  4. Wasting money on restaurants, food that goes bad, and too many last-minute grocery runs
  5. And feeling like cooking is a burden instead of a joy?

I totally get it, because I’ve struggled with those very same things.

*This post contains affiliate links

But 2018 can be the year you take control of what your family is eating once and for all.


You’ll have a plan that makes it easier to get homemade food on the table, eat in a way that supports your weight-loss goals, make dinner time less stressful (even on those busy days and weeks) and save money by eating at home more (and wasting less).

Here’s the solution you’ve been waiting for…

Healthy Meal Planning

It’s the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle and it’s the busy cook’s answer to eating healthier this year.

What’s in this bundle, you ask? Well, everything you need to make meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking and eating great food easy as pie.


This is how it works:

If you want recipes & meal plans created specifically for the way you eat (Paleo, Keto, vegan, gluten free, budget-friendly, just to name a few), you can pick the mini-bundle that suits you best and pay just $27.

If you’d prefer to have the whole collection of made-for-you meal plans, organized shopping lists, no-brainer tips, PLUS over 3,800 recipes for today’s most popular ways of cooking and eating, pay just $20 more and you’ll get every single thing in this bundle.

I’m telling you, this makes meal planning so much easier!

Some of my favorite food bloggers contributed, so I really can’t speak highly enough about the quality and value of what’s inside, for less than the price of a single meal out!

Trust me, this is one investment that will pay for itself multiple times over.

Want to check it out and get your own Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle?

This is how it works:

  • Visit the website Ultimate Meal Planning Bundle, take a quick look at all the yummy food you’ll be making with this package, then click the “Get my bundle now!”button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.
  • You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading all your eCookbooks and printable meal plans.
  • Use their Getting Started Guide to choose your first meals or find the ready-made plan that’s perfect for you!

The most important detail, though, is that this bundle is available for just 8 days!

After Friday night, January 5th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

It’s even backed by a 30 day full money-back happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.

Their customer service is amazing, and they truly want to make sure you’re taken care of and that you love your bundle.

Simplify mealtimes & eat better in 2018 with the Ultimate Healthy Meal Planning Bundle.

Learn more or get your bundle here Ultimate Meal Planning Bundle

Did you make Goals for 2018?

DID YOU MAKE Goals for 2018?

Hey busy Mommies! Did you make Goals for 2018?

I wanted to ask you,” Did you make Resolutions for the New Year 2018?”.

But then I thought we make New Year resolutions and then as days pass we forget about it.So I thought of asking you the question :”Did you make Goals for 2018?”

As much I know ,”New Year Resolutions are made and broken, but Goals are always made to be followed.

” -SmitaM at watsupmom.

How to start a blog in 2018 with bluehost

How to start a blog in 2018 using Bluehost

Do you want to start a blog?

I have few of my friends always asking me,” How to start a blog?”. I told its easy to do.It was not easy for me in the beginning but later I started studying about it and then I learned.

So for that friends I want to explain to you, “How to start a blog?”

How to start a blog in 2018 with bluehost

* This post contains affiliate links.

My blogging journey:

My blogging journey started 3-4 years back.

After leaving my job as a teacher( busy working mom) I became busy stay at home mom,but as I knew I have to have an earning of my own.

So I tried to search the google for work from jobs, but as there also some sites who guarantee to give you money on working from home  and you get so much money, so I tried at some and got cheated ,then I asked one of my friend what work from home jobs can I do as I have experience as school teacher.She told me to write and publish an ebook on Amazon,but as I was not knowing how to of ebook publishing and marketing, I failed(But in that duration I learned also.)

Then after searching on google I came to know that I can earn money by starting a blog.(I was having a free blog on blogger on vegetarian recipes,that time there was only one blogging platform,then came wordpress).

As since from childhood I had a dream creating a Cookbook of my recipes( which I learned from my mom and grandmother) and sharing that with other beginner people(who wants to learn cooking)through writing and publishing a book.( In my childhood there was no internet ,no blogging, no websites.We use to get to learn new things either from our elders or through books)

So then I thought of creating a vegetarian cooking blog and sharing the knowledge with other moms in the world.But as searched on google there were already so many cooking blogs out there.As I was new to these I created a free cooking blog on blogger and that time that was the only blogging platform .

Then in year 2015 I created an another free blog on wordpress platform.

You can see the blog in the image below:

Then after researching google I came to know that to start making a earning thorough a blog I should have a self hosted blog.

Then in year I created a self hosted blog through Bluehost.

Being a  newbie( i.e.not knowing coding much and setting)  I had to struggle very much for setting up my blog ,but thanks to Bluehost and Godaddy and my other blogger friends and mentors for helping me while setting up my blog.

Bluehost customer care helped me very much.I am very thankful to Bluehost for helping me every time to fix my problem related to my blog settings.

The Bluehost videos from bluehost YouTube channel also helped me a lot.

This was my story of starting my blog .

Now lets learn , How to start a blog?

Steps for starting a blog:

  1. Decide your Niche :Decide your niche means “Decide on what topic you want to blog about?”  Decide whether you want to start a : Food blog/Photography blog/lifestyle blog/oraganization blog/gaming blog/fitness blog/…..etc
  2. Decide your domain name : Domain name means decide your blog name such as https://michaelhyatt.com/ , momlifehappylife.com ,……etc.
  3. Decide hosting for your blog : Best hosting I would suggest is BLUEHOST. 
  4. Decide your platform : The best blogging platforms are WordPress.org, wordpress.com,blogger.com, tumbler.com,squarespace.com, etc….
  5. And the best blogging platform most of the people are using are wordpress.org and wordpress.com.

How to start a blog with BLUEHOST? 

 I am thankful to Michael Hyatt’s for this video which helped me a lot ,watch the video by clicking the link :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFLk3srgg1M

Please watch the bluehost WordPress walk through videos by clicking the link here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQ-eL7zH6rQ&index=2&list=PL_9u00nsHteH2OBVX4YSU_HWWY_JSxFyj&t=72s 

I hope you understood .


 If you have any doubts about blogging ,please let me know in the comment below.I would be happy to help you.



Hope you will start a blog using BLUEHOST.

Best Parenting books discovered in Positive Parenting Conference 2018

best parenting books


Hey busy mommies,

I am happy to attend Positive Parenting Conference 2018.

Did you attend the Positive Parenting Conference 2018?

I am thankful to Sumitha(afineparent.com) for inviting me to attend the conference.

Best Parenting Books

* This post contains affiliate links.

I came to know about various expert speakers and their websites and their books.

Expert Speakers and their books, you would like are :

Track 1 : Connection-Based Parenting :

1) Rebecca Eanes : A best selling author and the founder of positive-parenting.org 

Books :

* Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide.

* The Positive Parenting Workbook.

2) Dr Laura Markham :

Books :

* Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids Workbook.

* Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How To Stop Yelling and Start Connecting.

* Peaceful Parent, Happy Siblings: How to Stop Fighting and Raise Friends for life.

3) Alissa Marquess :

BookBounceback Parenting: A Feild Guide for creating connection, not Perfection.

4) Patty Wipfler

Book : Listen: Five simple tools to meet your everyday Parenting Challenge

Track 2 : Solutions For Modern Day Parenting :

 1) Amy McCready

Books :

* If I have to tell you one more time….The Revolutionary Program that gets your kids to listen without nagging, reminding, or yelling.

2) Dr Victoria Dunckley :

Book : * Reset Your Child’s Brain.

3) Dr Peter Gray

BookFree to Learn: Why Unleashing the Instinct to Play Will Make Our Children Happier, More Self-Reliant, and Better Students for Life

4) Lenore Skenazy

Book : Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children.

Track 3 : Research Guided Parenting :

1) Dr. Becky A. Bailey : Talked on : Why Kids Misbehave and How to Respond Using Conscious Discipline.

Books : * Easy to Love, Difficult to Discipline: The 7 Basic Skills for Turning Conflict into Cooperation.

* I Love You Rituals.

* Managing Emotional Mayhem: The Five Steps for Self-Regulation.

2) Dr. Michele Borba : Talked on : How to Raise Kind, Compassionate and Empathetic Kids (and Why It Is the Best Thing You Can Do for Them).

Books : 

* UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World.

The Big Book of Parenting Solutions: 101 Answers to Your Everyday Challenges and Wildest Worries.

Building Moral Intelligence: The Seven Essential Virtues that Teach Kids to Do the Right Thing.

3) Dr. Tina Bryson : Talked on : How to Help Your Child Develop a “Yes” Brain.

Books : 

The Yes Brain: How to Cultivate Courage, Curiosity, and Resilience in Your Child.

* The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind.

* No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind.

 4) Dr. Melanie Greenberg : Talked on : How to Combat Parenting Stress (Backed By Science) .

BookThe Stress-Proof Brain: Master Your Emotional Response to Stress Using Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity.

Track 4 : Habits & Life Skills (Part 1) :

1) Dr. Deborah Gilboa Key Responsibilities EVERY Child Should Know How to Shoulder.


* How to Get the Behavior You Want… Without Being the Parent You Hate! Dr. G’s Guide to Effective Parenting

* Teach Respect : That’s My Kid!

* Teach Resilience: Raising Kids Who Can Launch.


* Teach Responsibility: Empower Kids with a Great Work Ethic.

 2) Maryann Jacobsen : Talked about : How to Help Your Child Overcome Picky Eating.


* From Picky to Powerful: The Mindset, Strategies and Know-How You Need to Empower Your Picky Eater.

* The Family Dinner Solution: How to Create a Rotation of Dinners Your Family Will Love.

* How to Raise a Mindful Eater: 8 Powerful Principles for Transforming Your Child’s Relationship with Food.

3) Leeza Steindorf : Talked about : How to Teach Your Kids the Fine Art of Conflict Resolution.

 Book : Connected Parent, Empowered Child: Five Keys to Raising Happy, Confident, Responsible Kids.

4)  Holly D. Reid : Talked about : 5 Important Money Lessons Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids.

Books : * Teach Your Child to Fish: Five Money Habits Every Child Should Master.

Track 5 : Habits & Life Skills (Part 2) :

1) Katie Hurley : How to Keep Our Daughters from Falling Victim to the Perfect Girl .

Book :

 * No More Mean Girls: The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident, and Compassionate Girls.

* The Happy Kid Handbook: How to Raise Joyful Children in a Stressful World.

2) Susan Kaiser Greenland : How to Be More Mindful and Take Kids Along on the Ride.

Book : 

*Mindful Games: Sharing Mindfulness and Meditation with Children, Teens, and Families.


*The Mindful Child: How to Help Your Kid Manage Stress and Become Happier, Kinder, and More Compassionate.

 3) Amy Morin : How to Be a Mentally Strong Person and Raise Resilient Kids.

Books : * 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do: Take Back Your Power, Embrace Change, Face Your Fears, and Train Your Brain for Happiness and Success.

* 13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do: Raising Self-Assured Children and Training Their Brains for a Life of Happiness, Meaning, and Success.

4) Douglas Haddad : How to Raise Remarkably Self-Motivated Kids.

Book : The Ultimate Guide to Raising Teens and Tweens: Strategies for Unlocking Your Child’s Full Potential.

                I know you will like these parenting books discovered in Positive Parenting Conference 2018.

If anything I missed out or  you want to suggest still any other parenting books do feel free to suggest me in the comment below.

Have a nice time.


4 Amazing FREE Talks for Building Healthy Habits and Life Skills in Kids



Here’s another awesome update from the Positive Parenting Conference !

Sumitha has published the talks for Track #4. This track and the next one look at building healthy habits and life skills in our kids so we can send them out in the world some day with confidence and pride!

Here are the lovely talks they have (shared with permission)

Today we have Part 1 of “Habits & Life Skills”. Here are the lovely talks in this track…

  1. ​​Key Responsibilities EVERY Child Should Know How to Shoulder with Dr. Deborah Gilboa.

In this talk Dr. Gilboa and I discuss:

    • Why we need to teach our kids the 3 R’s – respect, responsibility and resilience – from an early age
    • What are some of the age-appropriate responsibilities our kids should have as they grow up


  • How to get them to do it when it is so tempting to just throw in the towel and do it ourselves


Dr. Gilboa is without a doubt the funnest interviewee I’ve spoken to in this year’s conference. She has an amazing sense of humor… And the best part? She packs in a ton of information, tips and ideas between the laughs. I can’t think of a single parent I wouldn’t recommend this talk to! Go watch it!

  1. How to Help Your Child Overcome Picky Eating with Maryann Jacobsen.

In this talk Maryann and I discuss:

  • Why some kids tend to be Picky Eaters
  • A wholesome, positive approach for handling picky eating
  • Some of Maryann’s best tips for helping our kids develop healthy eating habits

Has your child ever looked at something you labored over to cook and declared it “yucky” and inedible? Ever had any dinner time battles? (Who hasn’t right?) Do you have a child who will eat everything in one food group, but won’t touch another with a 10 foot pole? This talk is for you!

  1. How to Teach Your Kids the Fine Art of Conflict Resolution with Leeza Steindorf.

In this talk Leeza and I discuss:

  • How conflict is unavoidable
  • Some of the key skills we need to teach our kids to learn the fine art of conflict resolutions
  • Several example scenarios

Whether you have more than one child and the sibling fights are driving you mad, or you have just one like me and you worry that they aren’t learning conflict resolution skills naturally, there are some great ideas in this talk that can be of immense help!


  1. 5 Important Money Lessons Every Parent Must Teach Their Kids​ with Holly D. Reid.

In this talk Holly and I discuss:

  • The 5 important money lessons as the title says 🙂
  • What we should buy and what we should let kids buy for themselves
  • Allowances, chores (paid and unpaid), entrepreneurship, investing and so much more!

This is such a packed talk – I can’t believe how much we were able to cover in just 1 hour! Holly was so generous in sharing her ideas and all of them are extremely practical ones that you can start applying in your families right away. Whether you are a pro at personal finance, or struggle with it yourself, I promise you, you will have several “aha” moments during this talk!

Register here now  to receive an email with the link to watch these talks online for FREE.


Save Over 50% OFF Limited Time Offer by Bluehost

Do you want to start a new website?

Do you want to start a new blog?

Do you want to start a small online business?

If your answer to anyone of this question is yes,then I would suggest you to make use of this best deal by bluehost . Bluehost is the best hosting provider.

I love bluehost for its best customer support.

I am not that much technical but bluehost helps me with all my blogs hosting problems.

I disturb them most of the time.

In this offer you get:




4) 24/7 SUPPORT


So what are you waiting for… go get the 50% OFF offer and make your dream come true of starting your own online business or starting your own blog or starting your own website.

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This Offer is Limited So Go and Get it Now. 

I loved Google’s simple music making for everyone

I loved Google's simple music making for everyone

I was on google blog. I came across Google simple music making for everyone.

I would suggest it to every parent,teacher or any person to give it a try.

You will love it.

I just randomly tried it and I loved it . Listen to it  here by pressing the blue play button:

How to get there:

1) Go to : https://www.blog.google/

2) On the page you will see stories.

3) See a story with headline ” Simple music making for everyone.”Click on that headline.

4) You will come to this page :https://blog.google/topics/education/simple-music-making-everyone/

5) The in the first paragraph you will see  Chrome Music Lab.

6) There you will see 13 music experiments:

  1. Song Maker:
  2. Rhythm :
  3. Spectrogram :
  4. CHORDS :
  11. PIANO ROLL :
  13. STRINGS :

Even you will love it.

Thank you Google.

Recommended Host
Recommended Host
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