How to start a blog in 2018 using Bluehost

Do you want to start a blog?

I have few of my friends always asking me,” How to start a blog?”. I told its easy to do.It was not easy for me in the beginning but later I started studying about it and then I learned.

So for that friends I want to explain to you, “How to start a blog?”

How to start a blog in 2018 with bluehost

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My blogging journey:

My blogging journey started 3-4 years back.

After leaving my job as a teacher( busy working mom) I became busy stay at home mom,but as I knew I have to have an earning of my own.

So I tried to search the google for work from jobs, but as there also some sites who guarantee to give you money on working from home  and you get so much money, so I tried at some and got cheated ,then I asked one of my friend what work from home jobs can I do as I have experience as school teacher.She told me to write and publish an ebook on Amazon,but as I was not knowing how to of ebook publishing and marketing, I failed(But in that duration I learned also.)

Then after searching on google I came to know that I can earn money by starting a blog.(I was having a free blog on blogger on vegetarian recipes,that time there was only one blogging platform,then came wordpress).

As since from childhood I had a dream creating a Cookbook of my recipes( which I learned from my mom and grandmother) and sharing that with other beginner people(who wants to learn cooking)through writing and publishing a book.( In my childhood there was no internet ,no blogging, no websites.We use to get to learn new things either from our elders or through books)

So then I thought of creating a vegetarian cooking blog and sharing the knowledge with other moms in the world.But as searched on google there were already so many cooking blogs out there.As I was new to these I created a free cooking blog on blogger and that time that was the only blogging platform .

Then in year 2015 I created an another free blog on wordpress platform.

You can see the blog in the image below:

Then after researching google I came to know that to start making a earning thorough a blog I should have a self hosted blog.

Then in year I created a self hosted blog through Bluehost.

Being a  newbie( i.e.not knowing coding much and setting)  I had to struggle very much for setting up my blog ,but thanks to Bluehost and Godaddy and my other blogger friends and mentors for helping me while setting up my blog.

Bluehost customer care helped me very much.I am very thankful to Bluehost for helping me every time to fix my problem related to my blog settings.

The Bluehost videos from bluehost YouTube channel also helped me a lot.

This was my story of starting my blog .

Now lets learn , How to start a blog?

Steps for starting a blog:

  1. Decide your Niche :Decide your niche means “Decide on what topic you want to blog about?”  Decide whether you want to start a : Food blog/Photography blog/lifestyle blog/oraganization blog/gaming blog/fitness blog/…..etc
  2. Decide your domain name : Domain name means decide your blog name such as , ,……etc.
  3. Decide hosting for your blog : Best hosting I would suggest is BLUEHOST. 
  4. Decide your platform : The best blogging platforms are,,,,, etc….
  5. And the best blogging platform most of the people are using are and

How to start a blog with BLUEHOST? 

 I am thankful to Michael Hyatt’s for this video which helped me a lot ,watch the video by clicking the link :

Please watch the bluehost WordPress walk through videos by clicking the link here : 

I hope you understood .


 If you have any doubts about blogging ,please let me know in the comment below.I would be happy to help you.



Hope you will start a blog using BLUEHOST.

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