49 Must Read Books For Busy Moms in 2018

Do you like reading? Is book reading in your Goals List of 2018?

If not then I would suggest you to make book reading a Goal for 2018,as reading booking our knowledge increases .We learn something new or we can get solutions to the problems.

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“There is no friend as loyal as a book – Ernest Hemingway”

Here I would like to recommend some books for you some of which I have in my collection and some I would like to have.Some of you might be knowing about these some books and some of you might be having also these books.All books here are in Kindle or Paperback or Hardcover format.


Here is a lists of some books(Inspirational,Fitness,Cooking,Crafts,Hobbies,Money related books) for Busy Moms:


1)  Chicken Soup for the Soul for New Moms

2) Chicken Soup For The Soul :On Being a Parent

3) Time Management For Busy Moms

4) Eat That Frog

5) The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

6) Living Well Spending Less

7) 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

8) Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

9) Word Power Made Easy

10) Rich Dad Poor Dad

11) How to Win And Influence People

12) Don’t Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight

13) Indian Super Foods

14) Don’t Lose Out Work Out

15) The Power of Positive Thinking

16) The Magic Of Thinking Big

17) How To Stop Worrying And Start Living

18) How To Meal Plan – A Step By Step Guide For Busy Moms

19) How To Get From Where You Are From Where You Want To Be

20) The Success Principles

21) Born To Win

22) Raising Positive Kids In A Negative World

23) Staying UP, UP, UP In A Down, Down World

24) Tough Times Never Last , But Tough People Do

25) Believe In The God Who Believes In You

26) Tough Minded Faith

27) Success is Never Ending Failure Is Never Final

28) Chicken Soup or The Soul – Multitasking Mom’s Survival Guide

29) Chicken Soup For The Soul – Think Positive

30) Dump Up Your Hang-Ups 

31) Chicken Soup For The Soup – Tough Times ,Tough People

32) Chicken Soup For The Soul -Miracles Happen

33) Chicken Soup For The Soul – Answered Prayers

34) Chicken Soup For The Mother’s Soul

35) Chicken Soup For The Soul- From Lemons To Lemonade

36) Home Cooking

37) Healthy Diabetic Cooking

 38) Indian Cooking

39) Eat.Delete

40) The Beauty Diet

41) How to Talk So Kids will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

42) Know Your Child

43) The Ayurvedic Diet

44) Baby & Toddler CookBook

45) Embroidery Stitches Step By Step

46) Unstuffed

47) Money Making Mom

48) GoodBye To Survival Mode

49)  A-Z Of Sewing

If you like these books feel free to let me know and even if you didn’t like it you are welcome to let me know what you didn’t like ,so that I can improve.

I would be happy to hear your favourite books list and read.

*Note : If you want to read Kindle books you need to have either Kindle app or you can purchase Amazon kindle and read on it the kindle books.I am amazon affiliate I am not an affiliate to any author.

Please feel free to mention about your books list in the comment section below.



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