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If you’ve ever been frustrated, trying to write an email to promote a product or service…
If you’ve ever struggled with writing the “perfect sales letter”…
This is going to make your day.
I’ve just discovered an amazing, quick & easy guide to stress-free copywriting from one of the world’s most highly-paid copywriters… and it’s free.
Get it here:

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In a perfect world, you could just put your product or service out there, people would see that it was good, and they would buy it.
Then, they would love it so much, they’d refer all their friends to you, and you’d have an endless stream of customers. No marketing required.
But we don’t live in that perfect world.
In the world where you and I live, people are smarter and more skeptical than ever before.
Writing copy that persuades, promotes, and boosts your profits is more IMPORTANT than ever before.
It’s also harder to DO than ever before.
Ray Edwards to the rescue.
Ray is the copywriting “guru BEHIND the gurus,” and he’s written multi-million dollar copy for clients like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Frank Kern … and many other top names in leadership and business.
Michael Hyatt says, “Ray Edwards is the best copywriting teacher I know.”
Amy Porterfield calls Ray “my copywriting mentor.”
Jeff Goins says, “Ray is my go-to guy. He has done everything he teaches.”
And Ray gets results. He has sold over $300 million worth of products and services for himself and his clients.
And now, incredibly, he’s flat-out GIVING AWAY a quick & simple 4-video “copywriting mini-course,” with his best tips and tactics, for FREE, including:
The New Persuasion Map, that will forever change the way you look at sales copy… and INSTANTLY make your copy 2-3x more effective.
Ray’s most refined version EVER of Ray’s 6-part framework for making ANYTHING you write…BETTER.
These are NOT big, bloated, brag-fest videos like so many seem to be these days. Ray truly has the heart of a teacher, and he proves it in these 4 short (around 30 minutes)… digestible, easy-to-implement instructional videos.
Clearly-designed PDF transcripts to help you craft your perfect copy. Nothing is vague. There is no guesswork. Ray wants you to USE this stuff and profit from using it… even if you never buy a single thing from him.
You can get ALL this and more for free here:

Video 1
You WILL need to enter your email to get ALL of Ray’s free resources, but you can always unsubscribe with one click. Of course, you’d have to be crazy to do that, because as you will see, Ray’s FREE stuff is better than most other people’s PAID stuff.
And as cliché as this may sound…you’ll kick yourself if you miss this!
Warm Regards,
P.S. By popular demand, Ray has included a downloadable MP3 audio version of each video PLUS a transcript – available NOW, no waiting!
P.P.S. There is a CATCH: Ray is taking ALL of these resources offline next week, so you need to get them all NOW, while they are still available. Do it now:

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