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If you want to learn more about watsupmom, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how I managed to come here as given below in My Story.

My story

Thank you friends for stopping by this page.I’m Smita a busy stay at home mom.I was a former teacher in school.I am also a better mom and wife too.I  am also founder,author,writer,editor of www.watsupmom.com. As I was a busy working mom and at present a busy stay at home mom, I know the struggles of the busy working mom and the busy stay at home mom. 

I learned a lot till now and still learning one or the other thing.My friends always ask me various doubts or questions related to vegetarian cooking,kids,technology,health, beauty,home remedies etc.; so I thought of starting this watsupmom blog to help other busy moms by sharing solutions to their problems through various resources such as books,sites,apps etc. Hope you will like it.


I being a vegetarian I will be sharing all vegetarian recipes (i.e. I will be sharing Indian as well as international vegetarian recipes from other sites or books or apps which I like).

 As I would like to help busy moms with their struggles related to vegetarian cooking,kids,moms(i.e. your problems as a mom/wife/person.)

Please feel free to share your suggestions or ideas and get help by commenting in the comment section below:

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